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About the Patterns

I'm more of an artist and less of a "vendor"..... but I have created some wonderful instructions when I was trying my best to inspire myself and others.  
If you want to try, I promise you'll have fun.  These are not your average set of sewing patterns!

Each doll pattern one reads just like an e-book, loaded with step-by-step photos, tips, and detailed instructions to help you create a beautiful doll.  Some are longer than 100 pages in length!  Whether you are a newbie embarking on your first dollmaking journey, or an advanced doll artistlooking for new surprises, these patterns are sure to please.  Some patterns are "vintage," meaning they were created years ago when I first began talking about dolls online, when I lived overseas.  I can't bear to "revamp" them, because they are nostalgic and I love them just the way they are.  Others are more "sophisticated."  I hope you enjoy them all!

In the future, I will add some doll making supplies and a few NEW patterns.  At the present time, I'm preoccupied with other endeavors but I know that when I'm able and ready for more designing, it's going to be worth the wait.

Thanks so much for your interest at this time, and HAPPY DOLLING!